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Sign-up Deadline:

Max Ginsburg

Thursday, April 2, 2020 - Sunday, April 5, 2020



Workshop Description:


In this four day workshop, Max Ginsburg will paint for a half-hour each day to demo and explain procedure, approach, materials, color, etc. Most of each day, 9:30 AM - 4:00PM, the students will paint the assignments from life, and Max will critique each student’s work. Below is a general outline of the workshop.


- Day 1 (9AM - 12noon) Head Studies

- Day 1 (1PM - 4:30PM) Figure Studies

- Day 2 (9AM-4PM) Painting a Portrait

- Days 3 & 4 (9AM - 4PM) Painting a Figure Composition


Ginsburg's paintings are in many museums and private collections, including The Butler Institute of American Art, The New Britain Museum, The Washington County Museum, The Society of Illustrators Museum, The Salmagundi Club,  The Art Renewal Center,  The Martin Luther King Labor Center 1199, and other public institutions.


Over the years he exhibited and received many awards.  Most RECENT Major Awards & Exhibitions are:

● 2020 - Gold Medal The Portrait Society of America

● 2015 - The William Draper Grand Prize at The Portrait Society of America Competition

● 2011 - Best In Show at The Art Renewal Center, International Salon Competition

● 2013 - Gold Medal Award, California Art Club, CA

● 2011 - Retrospective Solo Exhibition, The Butler Institute of American Art, Youngstown, OH

● 2011 - Retrospective Solo Exhibition, The Salmagundi Club, New York, N.Y.

● 2014 - Solo Exhibition, ArtRage Gallery in Syracuse, NY

● 2017 - Solo Exhibition, FEI Art Museum, Yokohama, Japan

● 2017 - Solo Exhibition, Florence Academy Of Art, U.S.

● 2016 - Solo Exhibition, Highline Loft Gallery, New York, NY

● 2018 - Solo Exhibition , Dacia Gallery, New York, NY


(see www.maxginsburg.com for earlier awards and exhibitions)


He has exhibited his fine art from 1953 to the present. (www.maxginsburg.com)  However, from 1980 - 2004, he painted illustrations commissioned by the major publishing companies. (www.ginsburgillustration.com)


Ginsburg taught art for 60 years:

● 1960 - 1982 at The High School of Art & Design (NYC).

● 1984 - 2000 at The School of Visual Arts (NYC).

● 2008 - to the Present at The Art Students League of N.Y.

He has given many WORKSHOPS around the U.S. and around the world.


In 2011 he published his book "Max Ginsburg - Retrospective".

DVD - Max Ginsburg, Legacy of an American Painter.






Alla Prima Oil Painting
from Life

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Workshop Refund Policy: No refunds can be issued within 30 Days of workshop date, unless canceled by Hull Art Academy. In order to avoid payment loss, It is strongly advised that participants purchase trip insurance.

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● Titanium White

● Cadmium Yellow

● Yellow Ochre

● Cadmium Orange

● Cadmium Red Light

● Alizarin Crimson

● Raw Sienna

● Burnt Sienna

● Burnt Umber

● Cadmium Green Pale (Winsor Newton)

● Cinnabar Green Medium (Rembrandt)

● Viridian

● Cerulean Blue

● Ultramarine Blue

● Mars Black



● Raphael, Paris-Classics (Type #3572 Bristle Filbert) - Sizes #4, #6, and #8

● Winsor Newton (Winton) - Short Flat Bright/Plat Court - Sizes #2, #3

● Escoda Clasico (Cerda Blanca) - Sizes #4, #6

● Silver Brush Renaissance (Type #7110) Red Sable - Sizes #1, #2



● Regular linseed oil

● Turpenoid or Gamsol



● Masonite Panels (gessoed, sanded, and toned) OR Stretched Canvas (also toned)

○ Please tone over one week in advance so that the surface will be completely dry for the workshop

● Size of Panels or canvases can be approximate (list of needed sizes below)

○ One panel or canvas 8”x10”

○ One panel or canvas 9”x12”

○ One panel or canvas 14”x18”

○ One panel or canvas 16”x20”



● Two metal cups with caps (for turpenoid and linseed oil)

● Palette Knife

● Soap for washing brushes

● Rags and paper towels



● Bring any materials that you are used to working with.




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1404 W. Hebron Parkway #100, Carrollton, Texas 75010