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All levels of painters with life drawing experience



Mario A. Robinson

May 3rd - May 5th, 2019


This workshop will focus on painting the figure in watercolor. The live model will maintain the same pose for the duration of the workshop. Students will execute a detailed drawing of the model and learn how to employ a monochromatic block-in to properly identify the values of the subject. The class will culminate with a full color application of color, using thin glaze layers of watercolor. The objective of the workshop is to demonstrate how a methodical approach increases the depth and sense of realism in watercolor paintings.


The instructor will give a demonstration each day and provide personal instruction throughout the day.



Daily Breakdown


•Day 1- students will execute a detailed drawing in graphite on watercolor paper.

•Day 2 – Instructor will give a demonstration of a monochromatic block-in from a live model.

•Day-3 Students will begin the monochromatic block-in. Instructor will give a demonstration using limited color (dead color).

•Day 4- Students will glaze limited color over the block-in.

•Day 5-Instructor will demonstrate a full color application over the limited color layer.

Students will glaze full color over the limited color layer.


Portrait Painting

Watercolor Workshop

From A live Model

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Workshop Refund Policy: No refunds can be issued within 30 Days of workshop date, unless canceled by Hull Art Academy. In order to avoid payment loss, It is strongly advised that participants purchase trip insurance.



Material List:


Winsor & Newton tube watercolor:

• Burnt Umber

• French Ultramarine Blue

• Prussian Blue

• Cadmium Red

• Opera Rose

• Permanent Rose

• Cadmium Yellow

• Yellow Ochre

• Raw Sienna

• Paynes Grey

• Sepia

• Neutral Tint

• Cerulean Blue

• Cobalt Blue

• Burnt Sienna

• Indanthrene Blue



Winsor & Newton Series 7 Pure Sable

Sizes 0,1,2,3,4,8,10,12,14

¾ “ Flat



Winsor & Newton

300lb. cold pressed (14”x20”) or (18”x24”) pre-stretched or in a block



• Plastic Palette

• Muffin pans for large amounts of water

• Spray bottle

• Brush specifically for mixing colors

• Paper towels

• 1” artist’s tape

• Graphite Pencil (6H or 9H)

• Kneaded eraser

• Scrap paper for testing color


1404 W. Hebron Parkway #100, Carrollton, Texas 75010